Past Conferences

Pre-Conference Institutes

Attendees of pre-conference institutes must also register for the full conference.

Conference attendees who wish to participate in pre-conference institutes can choose from the following:

  • One full-day institute (lunch included)


Full-day Pre-Conference Institute – $125.00

October 12, 9:00 am - 4:00 pm

Andrea Honigsfeld: Supporting ELLs through the Collaborative Instructional Cycle

The purpose of this institute is to explore a framework for collaborative practices ESL, general education teachers, and instructional specialists (e.g., special education, literacy) may engage in and to review, evaluate, and adapt seven coteaching models that promote a collaborative instructional cycle for the sake of ELs in K-12 instructional settings. Participants will receive a copy of the presenters’ coauthored book entitled Collaboration and Coteaching: Strategies for English Learners (Corwin Press, 2010).

Participants will be able to:

  • Determine how specific collaborative and co-teaching practices can offer effective support for inclusive practices to accommodate the needs of diverse English learners, help all students meet content and WIDA standards and enhance collaboration between ESL and mainstream teachers
  • Identify, describe, and evaluate seven coteaching models; view and analyze video clips of coteaching in authentic and realistic situations.
  • Compare the advantages and challenges of each of the seven arrangements for the ESL context
  • Select, adapt, and combine collaborative arrangements presented that would be feasible for their own teaching situation including identifying specific types of classroom practices that work best in combination with various coteaching models

Afternoon Half-day Pre-Conference Institute – Free

October 12, 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm

WIDA Foundations: Exploring the WIDA English Language Development Framework (limited space)

Join WIDA facilitators for an interactive session exploring the WIDA English Language Development Framework. This session is designed for WIDA newcomers who want to gain familiarity with the components of the Framework and learn about WIDA’s theoretical foundations and student-centered focus. During this sessions, participants will make connections between the guiding principles of language development and the Can Do Philosophy and examine academic language in relation to sociocultural influences on language use. Participants will also identify the language expectations at different proficiency levels using the Performance Definitions. Finally, the Standards matrices will be explored and connected to classroom planning and instruction.

Unconference 2016: Peer-to-peer collaboration, sharing and learning – Free

October 12, 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm

Educators around the world are taking charge of their own professional learning and joining in the unconference movement!   Join us during the Pre-Conference day to experience a different way of collaborating and learning with your colleagues. 

An "unconference" is a fun and innovative learning event for educators.  There are no vendors, no keynotes, and no set sessions.  How does this work?  With this participant-driven professional learning model, the participants set the schedule of sessions for the event, and anyone who chooses to facilitate a session may do so.  Everyone is encouraged to contribute to the experience and learn from one another. Participants are encouraged to "vote with their feet" and change sessions at any time they wish in order to maximize their learning!

The following is a short video about the "unconference"