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Elena Izquierdo, Ph.D.Elena Izquierdo

Dr. Elena Izquierdo is faculty at the University of the Texas at El Paso in Teacher Education (UTEP), and the Program Area Chair for Bilingual/Biliteracy at the undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral levels. Dr. Izquierdo is the previous Chair of the Teacher Education Department and an Associate Professor in the College of Education, and the principal investigator of a National Professional Development grant, Project LEAD that focuses on transforming schooling for EL educational success.

Dr. Izquierdo has been on various state and national boards serving and advocating for English Learners. She is a member of the Hispanic Leadership Council (HLC) that serves to support Hispanic students and educators at both the state and federal level, as well as with and through various education and industry associations. She served as Vice President on the Executive Board of the National Association of Bilingual Education and as Publications and Professional Development Chair. During her tenure as President of the Texas Association for Bilingual Education she advocated for and represented ELs on issues pertaining to educational equity and was instrumental in advocating for dual language policy at the state level.  Dr. Izquierdo served as an expert witness for MALDEF in the recent Texas School Finance Case on behalf of low income and ELL students and low-property-wealth school districts in advocating for the legislature to provide equal educational opportunities for all.

Dr. Izquierdo is a linguist by training, Ph.D. in Applied Linguistics and Bilingual Education, Georgetown University, 1994, and an educator in practice. She was an administrator for 13 years and during this time she served as the principal of a nationally recognized Two Way Dual Language school in Washington, D.C. where all children, grades Pre-K through 6th, learn in two languages. In addition during her tenure in Washington D.C. she was director for Language Minority Affairs where she led the district into federal compliance in services to language minority communities after the district was under an Office of Civil Rights mandate. Dr. Izquierdo developed a comprehensive Corrective Action Plan and policy to address all aspects of schooling for English language learners.

Dr. Izquierdo’s  research and professional specializations focus on Dual Language Education; Biliteracy; and in supporting districts in rethinking and transforming schooling ideologies and practices in their efforts to close the achievement gaps for Bilingual/EL students.