Past Conferences

Saturday, October 15
9:30 am - 10:45 am

The Multiple Uses of the WIDA Performance Definitions
Lori Hanna
Track: Collaboration
The Performance Definitions are one of the most valuable but underutilized of the WIDA tools. With a deeper understanding of their possible uses, educators can target students’ development by identifying language demands and exemplar responses in classroom task. Utilized in everyday instructional practices like objectives and rubrics, the Performance Definitions can explicitly match students’ levels with appropriate supports and demonstrate what English learners Can Do with both content and language.
Audience Level: Elementary School; Middle School; High School
Level of Familiarity: Level 2: Deepening understanding

Using Literature to Attain Core Content with ELLs
Lisa Tabaku
Track: Domains
This session focuses on the use of scaffolding techniques, in particular, background knowledge, vocabulary, and close reading to demonstrate effective practices for ELLs to access literature and attain core content in English language arts. All practices build on and regard the primary languages and cultural backgrounds of the students as valuable assets. Interactive examples and concrete ideas are shared. The session concludes with time for discussion about implications and implementation.
Audience Level: Middle School; High School
Level of Familiarity: Level 2: Deepening understanding

Evaluating and Improving ELL programs: Shared Leadership and Responsibility
Rebecca D. Field
Track: Leadership
This interactive session shows district leadership team members how to conduct an internal and/or external evaluation of their services for ELLs/bilingual learners. Participants learn what data to collect, how to analyze those data, and how to use evaluation findings to strengthen programs and professional development. Examples from diverse districts are provided. Particular attention to ACCESS for ELLs data as a vehicle for collaboration among mainstream and ESOL/bilingual teachers.
Audience Level: Elementary School; Middle School; High School; Administrative
Level of Familiarity: Level 1: Awareness building

Creating Successful Socio-cultural Environments to Support the Standards
John M Kibler
Track: Sociocultural Context for Learning/Equity/Equality - Potential 60 min special session?
This session will explore how the socio-cultural environment in which an ELL learns impacts their future bilingualism and is an important ingredient in the effective use of WIDA ELD Standards. Standards-based conversations are important in insuring that an environment moves from one that 'says' that bilingualism is an asset to one that actually supports and creates bilingualism.
Audience Level: Elementary School; Middle School; High School
Level of Familiarity: Level 1: Awareness building

Planning Tool: Developing the Language of Mathematics for English Learners
Galina Jmourko, Mary Stokes
Track: STEM
The presentation highlights a planning framework designed to bridge the gap between language and mathematics. The Planning Tool includes guiding questions to identify the language of mathematical concepts, as based on Common Core Standards and to determine language supports (sensory, graphic, interactive, and verbal) for ELLs to access mathematical content and demonstrate learning. Participants will examine classroom artifacts and explore the Planning Tool’s benefits for planning, instruction, and collaboration.
Audience Level: Elementary School
Level of Familiarity: Level 2: Deepening understanding

Engage English Language Learners with the Common Core State Standards
Giselle Lundy-Ponce, Becky Corr
Track: Teacher Resources
New to the CCSS or supporting others to meet them? This workshop will provide an introduction to the CCSS. Participants will learn about the supports that ELLs need to meet the CCSS, new roles for educators, as well as strategies and resources to include ELLs in the CCSS. Participants will conduct a reflective self- assessment of their own instructional practices , discuss challenges, and share opportunities.
Audience Level: Elementary School; Middle School; High School
Level of Familiarity: Level 1: Awareness building

11:00am - 12:00 pm

Special Session: Drawing on Life's Experiences: Designing Bright Futures
Dr. Tim Boals, WIDA Executive Director and Dr. Margo Gottlieb, WIDA Co-Founder & Lead Developer

Our professional lives as educators have led us to discover a most amazing multilingual, multicultural world. In our closing remarks, we reflect on our past experiences and project a new vision for language education.

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